Aitkin Police Department Aitkin Police Department Aitkin Police Department

The Aitkin Police Department began in 1903 when the Aitkin Village Council appointed Knute Ackelstead to be the first Night Watchman. The Village of Aitkin has since become the City of Aitkin, and the Night Watchmen are now the Aitkin Police Department.

The Aitkin Police Department currently employs 6 officers, including the Chief and Assistant Chief, to keep watch over the City of Aitkin 24 hours a day, every day.

The Aitkin Police Department strives to SERVE THE PEOPLE in a manner that is efficient, effective, and professional. Our ultimate goal is a society free from crime and disorder. However unachievable it may seem, this remains the ideal. To that end we seek to enforce the laws of this land both fairly and impartially within all limitations of the Officer’s authority and while preserving the rights afforded to all under the United States Constitution.

The Aitkin Police Department Needs Your Help!

The Aitkin Police Department serves the City of Aitkin 24 hours a day; however we cannot be everywhere at once. To help ensure the safety of our fair city we are asking YOU for help.

Call 911 immediately if...

-you witness a crime; or

-you notice anything unusual or suspicious.

Call 218-927-2133 if...

-you have information that could help solve a crime; or

-you have information that could help prevent a crime.

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